WelcometoFrance.com facilite votre arrivée!

On February 23rd, Business France, the national agency supporting the international growth of the French economy, announced the launch of the site WelcometoFrance.com, a platform designed to facilitate the installation of foreign talent in France.Welcome in France !


That's it!You have just been hired in France: For the months to come, you will have to acclimatize to your new country.What if you do not speak a word of French?What documents do you need for your administrative procedures?How to find a school for your children or how to open a French bank account?Installation in a new country can be sown with pitfalls, but so rewarding, so without any hassle.

This new information site launched by Business France will guide you through all these steps and allow you to make sure that you know your rights as an expatriate by providing you with information on topics such as taxation or insurance coverage. Health care.

WelcometoFrance.com  is a unique and centralized platform for each expatriate and allows you to get expert opinions for the procedures, in one click! 

Want to join us? Discover the site  here .


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03 mars 2017. #REVIENSLEON

Dublin calling!

#REVIENSLEON sera à la soirée de lancement de la French Tech Community mardi 7 mars!

17 février 2017. #REVIENSLEON

Hola Barcelona!

#REVIENSLEON vivre à l'heure espagnole et sera au 4YFN à Barcelone le 27 et 28 fév.,......

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