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BlaBlaCar is the world leader in ridesharing, with 30 million members in 22 countries and a yearly growth of 200%.



BlaBlaCar gathers the largest long-distance ridesharing community in the world. Thanks to the French start-up, founded in 2006, drivers with free seats can get together with passengers looking for the same ride. The costs of the ride (including tolls and petrol) are shared between the ridesharers. In 2015, BlaBlaCar fundraised $310 million, making us one of the best-equipped startups. The name “BlaBlaCar” comes from the opportunity to choose if you are more a “Bla”, a “BlaBla”, or even a “BlaBlaBla” kind of person!

BlaBlaCar: the rising start-up!

BlaBlaCar is established as a « people-powered transport network », economical, ecological and friendly all at once. The service relies on a website and an application at the leading edge of technology as well as on a dedicated member-relation service. BlaBlaCar benefits from a rare advantage for a web French player: its ridesharing service is the most user-friendly and complete in the world, placing us one key step ahead while expanding in new countries.

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The French start-up employs over 500 collaborators located in 16 international offices, including 300 in the Paris HQ, and recruits new marketing and technical skills regularly.

Who can join BlaBlaCar?


Our objective is to improve our offer every day to make sure our members are always satisfied. What we are looking for in priority is skills. Our future colleagues will need to have their own technical business skills, but also to share our values, including our passion for innovation. Being fluent in English is also required, as we use it to address our Europeans offices.

So many good reasons to join BlaBlaCar

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