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Captain Train

Captain Train is a train ticket sale website. Only train tickets. No planes. No car rental. No hotel reservations. No ads. 



Jean-Daniel Guyot

Jean-Daniel Guyot, PDG de Captain Train

Captain Train is a real French start-up success story.

Through its association in 2016 with Trainline, which name it has endorsed, the company has become Europe’s leading independent train travel platform and retailer of rail tickets. 

The company is selling tickets worldwide on behalf of 44 train companies, helping our customers make more than 100,000 smarter journeys every single day in and across 24 countries.  It is a one-stop shop for train travel, bringing together all major train companies onto one platform and providing our customers with a complete set of travel options.  We make it easy for our customers to find the best price and book their journey.  


Captain train and #revienslÉon

For economic growth to even happen, we need everybody to get their hands dirty and get involved in a project. France is far from short in talents who have the required potential to innovate and develop new activities. The partnership between Captain Train and Trainline is indeed a proof of this innovation capacity.

The company is precisely interested in such profiles, and can offer them great opportunities of development! It is taking off, and the railway market is bound to evolve too. If we want to address demand and clients from many countries and cultures, we need to think ahead and anticipate their needs, as well as be on top of the evolution of the market, be it in terms of technology or market trends. Well, our strength is precisely our ability to adapt! Our collaborators are greatly encouraged to express their originality and ideas (whether they apply to the product, our work methods, communication, and so on) that they might have collected elsewhere, including during their “expatriation”!                                                                                                         

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We want to have the means to boost our growth in France and internationally.


Les locaux de Captain Train, Paris 9ème

We are currently hiring in a various areas: client support, engineering and development, marketing, ... Our offices are in Paris, at the heart of the French Silicon Valley, but our team is made up of a variety of different nationalities, who understand perfectly the markets where we offer our services.

Our goal is simple and ambitious; and so is our recruitment policy. Qualification is still important, but we give great attention to expression, and educational skills, as well as analysis and method abilities. Furthermore, when facing two identical profiles, we will give priority to the candidate who can fit in a collective logic.

We grant all of our colleagues:


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