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Chauffeur-Privé is the French leader for vehicles with driver, and operates in Paris, Lyon, on the Côte d’Azur, and soon in other French and European cities.



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Chauffeur-Privé est une application mobile qui permet de commander une voiture avec chauffeur.

Chauffeur-Privé is a mobile application which allows you to order a vehicle with driver.

The service was launched 3 years ago and offers an innovative alternative to classic transportation and taxis. Chauffeur-Privé now has the greatest float of independent drivers in the Paris region, with over 11 000 drivers.

Supported by a 5 to 10% growth per week, the company raised €5M in 2015 and plans on hiring about fifty collaborators in 2015 to keep supporting its ambitious development. Since it launched in March, 2012, over 650 000 clients have joined the Chauffeur-privé service, available on iPhone, Android or on the website This growing success has been greatly broadcast by the press (France 3, LCI, BFM TV, M6, W9, winner of the BFM Académie 2013).


chauffeur-privÉ’s upcoming challenges

1. Make our teams stronger

We already have tripled the number of our collaborators within hardly 12 months, and will keep on hiring on various positions, including technical profiles (developers) and business profiles.

2. Get well-known and open new opportunities

For now, we only operate in Paris, Lyon and on the Côte d’Azur. In 2015, we aim at developing our service in new cities.

3. Continuously innovate

We will continuously innovate, on the product, the service, and the follow-up. We will always be looking for new ways to offer you the best service and surprise you.


Yan Hascoet, PDG de Chauffeur-Privé



We are fully aware of how far we have come since the launch, and we are happy to be able to speed up on the development of our service which is accountable for the satisfaction of thousands of clients and drivers daily. The company has been profitable for over 2 years and our fundamental values are as sound as can be: the satisfaction of our clients and drivers. This news fundraising will give us means matching our ambitions, namely a new development phase in other cities and abroad.

Yan Hascoet stated, following the fundraising of over 5 million euros in January 2015


Before funding Chauffeur-Privé, Yan co-funded in January, 2010: the first French couponing aggregator. Supported by its success, the company is now leader on its market. Yan started its career as a strategy consultant in the American management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where he counseled companies on financial and strategic issues for two years. Before that, Yan worked for the business bank Lazard in London, in Fusion & Acquisition in TMT. Yan graduated in mechanical engineering with the highest distinction in the McGill University, Canada.  

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