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SIGFOX is the very first and only company which offers a worldwide cellular connectivity for the Internet of things, entirely dedicated to low bandwidth communications. 



SIGFOX’s connectivity solution emerged from an infrastructure of antennae and base transceiver stations completely independent from the existing networks like telecommunication networks. In the next five years, this low bandwidth network will be the only one to have been implemented in 60 different countries. SIGFOX reinvents connectivity by dramatically reducing the costs and energy consumption of connected peripheral devices.


One network, a billion dreams

Simplicity and universality are driving principles for SIGFOX. Sixty engineers from 10 different nationalities have been working for five years on the preparation of optimum conditions for SIGFOX’s Big Bang connectivity. SIGFOX’s team is enthralled about this enormous challenge, and works every day to make every element of the value chain simpler. This is how we aim at getting rid of all the obstacles in the way of rolling out billions of objects and thousands of new uses. What makes our job so engaging is the idea to have in the future a huge amount of data (several petaoctets) generated by daily-life items and algorithms which will improve or drastically change our lifestyles. 

What our SIGFOX team has achieved in 5 years is huge: you could not find a simpler, more reactive and more efficient network to ensure communication between all the items that individually require low bandwidth, but which generate together the largest quantity of data ever produced. 


We live in a world always more connected, where decisions have to be made quickly. Reducing the latent period between an event and an action must originate from an autonomous behaviour from the items surrounding us. That is why SIGFOX accepted the challenge to be the network for the Internet of Things by offering a simple and energy-efficient infrastructure, which can be extended in the entire world in an extremely short time. 

Ludovic Le Moan, Founder and CEO of Sigfox



SIGFOX is a company where smart, fun and skilled people from over 10 countries (so far) can gather. We are looking for curious, proactive and open-minded tech-lovers, who are not afraid of challenges and wish to take part in SIGFOX’s success. 

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