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iAdvize is the European leader in real-time customer engagement.



iAdvize is a real-time customer engagement platform (Click to Chat, Click to Call, Click to Video, Click to Community, social networks). Associated with a behavioral targeting and filtering engine, iAdvize allows you to manage all of the interactions in real time, to increase your conversion rate and to maximise customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

iAdvize is the European leader in real-time customer engagement, and is used by over 2500 websites in Europe. E-commerce, luxury, tourism, finance, … iAdvize operates in many fields, including with clients like Europcar, B&B Hotels, L’Oréal, The Kooples, Toshiba, Renault or Total.


Les bureaux d'iAdvize, à Nantes

iAdvize was founded in 2010 by Julien Hervouët and Jonathan Gueron in Nantes. The company grows an average 200% yearly and employs 120 collaborators, accounting for 9 nationalities. In 2015, iAdvize was ranked fifth best company to work with (in the “less than 500 employees” category) by the Great Place to Work Institute and was awarded the special prize for “Innovative and Friendly” company. 

our mission: make online purchasing more human

iAdvize’s drive is to help companies make their customer journey human again, so as to increase their online sales and improve their customers’ satisfaction. Today, iAdvize accounts for over 120 collaborators shared between 5 poles in our Nantes office.  


iAdvize is a value-driven company

In 2012, our teams reunited in different workshops to think together and determine who we are as a company what values we share. Having company values is what gives is a strong identity and allows our collaborators to be ever more autonomous while realising that all the decisions they make in accordance with those values are right decisions. Finally, it is the key to team cohesion, including when it comes to new recruits.  

Work at iAdvize

iAdvize is a fast-growing company specialised in real-time customer e-relation management. We help companies make their customer journeys human again so that their online sales and the customer satisfaction increase. Join us, and you will have the opportunity to be part of a team, work on exciting projects, contribute to the development of a great product, expand your skills, test your limits and share new ideas. What is most important is to have fun while working on topics that matter. 


At iAdvize, we make for a united team which communicates, shares, and listens… Here, everybody is proud to have made it so far and knows that they can go further if they work with each other


Fancy setting on an adventure?

What we are building at iAdvize makes the life of web-users easier and improves our clients’ performance. If you want to make customer relation human again, apply now!

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