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Prepare your arrival

Coming to France requires going through a few formalities: here is a guide to help you prepare your arrival…


Just like any big project, successfully moving to France needs preparation. To guide you through the twists and turns of such a project, let’s start with the “to-be-solved-before-leaving” issues checklist.

Leaving the country where you have been living for a few years, where you have built a strong network of friends and professional relationships is not that easy. Even if you just got your dream job here in France, that you are going to make new friends and meet new colleagues, you might feel a bit anxious. No worries, it’s a big change in your life, so it DOES make sense you would! Fortunately for you, you might have already been through similar situations, so you know this new adventure only requires a bit of preparation. First, you need to focus on your personal and family organisation, before you leave and remotely, by carrying out a few formalities that would be much harder to deal with once in France.



What you need to think about:

Prepare your moving out: see the “Moving out” file

Find accommodation in France: temporary or permanent: see the “Find accommodation” file

Cancel and clear your contracts and housing insurance: see the "Contracts and subscriptions" file


Ask your children’s current school:

Get in touch as early as possible with the French school you wish to send your children to, to check the availability. For international schools, you might want to start as early as January/February for a seat in September.                                                               



For French nationals:

Since February 2016, the website offers a simulator which gives a full personalised check-list of all the administrative formalities you will have to go through depending on your situation. Check it out at this link (in French only)

You need to contact both the administrations of your current location and French administrations:

If you are from the EU, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, the Vatican, or Saint-Martin:

For any other nationality:

If you have lived within the European Union: 


Keep in mind that moving out is a great change in one’s life. Whether you are coming back to France after a long stay abroad, or simply moving to France for the first time, get ready to live emotionally-charged times.

France, your relations, … everything might be completely different from your current life, and you will change too. Don’t expect to have any similar experience to what you have had before: everything changes, and that “skin” of yours that you have travelled in for the past few years might not be the best fit for your new life.

Think of France as a brand new country, where everything is to be discovered and mastered, including the language.

You need to prepare such a project with your family: it is capital that each member agrees with or at least understands what is about to change.

One of you is going to sign a new contract, and the other one will have to deal with the sensitive mission of guiding and accompanying the family while having to think about his or her own future. Speaking through these topics is fundamental.                                                                                                         


You might already know France, but going on a leisure trip with your family or spouse is important to positively start checking out where you are going to live and work. During these few days in France –ideally a week-, you will have the opportunity to organise a few visits for your accommodation.

And once you are there? Check our “Arriving in France” information page


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