WelcometoFrance.com: determined to make transitioning the least of your worries.

Business France, the national agency that supports international growth of the French economy has now made it easier than ever before for expatriates to get settled in with the launch of their simplified and highly streamlined website, WelcometoFrance.com. We're happy to finally say "Bienvenue en France"!


So you're hired. You know that the upcoming months and maybe even weeks, the next step of moving to a completely new country is inevitable. But what if you don't know the French language? The type of documents you'll need to acquire? How to find a school for your children or even how to open a French bank account? Settling into a new culture can be scary, but can be rewarding, if done right. 

Business France has made sure to take care of everything listed above and more, first and foremost, making sure that you recognize your rights as an expatriate, providing with information on everything from taxation to healthcare coverage.

WelcometoFrance.com, launching a mere day ago, is one-of-a-kind, offering a personalized guide for each expatriate as well as an opportunity for direct advice from experts via their online service.

The agency, which has public and private-sector partners in over 70 countries throughout the world, has perfected the art of transitioning. 

Starting your journey soon? Check them out here


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