The programme

#REVIENSLEON is the international attractiveness and recruitment programme of high-growth global French start-ups and scale-ups.



French start-ups are experiencing high-growth. Today, profiles with and international experience are highly wanted in booming French start-ups which offer positions and challenges up to such profiles’ standard. Their international experience is valuable to help these young companies grow as they expand internationally.

#REVIENSLEON is a collective initiative

#REVIENSLEON was born from the need for French start-ups and scale-ups expanding globally to recruit international talents. These talents are key for any company to grow internationally. Launched in May 2015 by a group of French leading start-ups, #REVIENSLEON is an innovative collective initiative pursuing 3 main objectives: 


He (or she) is a demanding professional, either French or non-French, who decided to go take on the world in search of discoveries and opportunities. He or she worked in innovative, dynamic, ambitious companies everywhere in the world, and experienced the passing from a local scale to a global dimension in just a few years. Now stronger and supported by such one-of-a-kind experience, he or she might want to join a French company, be it in France or around the world, to contribute to its international growth. But now, great uncertainty stands in the way: will he/she find a job up to his/her standards? Will the context be as dynamic as it has been abroad? How to deal with French administration and figure his/her way in the process?

#REVIENSLEON's got friends

Beyond the start-ups who first decided to start the #REVIENSLEON adventure, other companies, while not looking for that kind of profiles, have made a point of getting involved with the programme when it launched, so as to give Léon even more reasons to come home.

Michel et Augustin


Michel et Augustin will be preparing a "French gourmet" welcome by filling up the candidates’ fridge for 3 months with their incredible recipes and a free cooking class at  "La Bananeraie".

My Little Paris will give candidates good reasons to enjoy their relocation in France by helping them discover new cultural addresses, restaurants, as well as French "art de vivre”.